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Dr. Paul Leong is among the most accomplished facial plastic surgeons in the nation. His extraordinary skill level was honed at Yale University School of Medicine, followed by specialty training in head and neck surgery (otolaryngology) at the University of Pittsburgh — one of the top five educational centers in the country, where he excelled.

Dr. Leong then advanced his education through fellowship training in face and neck surgery and plastic and reconstructive surgery. He is known throughout the medical community as a true master of the art of facial plastic surgery.

He brings his extraordinary skills to Sistine Hair Restoration. Dr. Leong, in keeping with his dedication to excellence, has assembled a team of some of the best hair transplant doctors in Pittsburgh, PA.

Integrity, transparency, and authentic results

Dr. Leong is uncompromising in his dedication to achieving results that appear entirely natural. In the field of hair restoration, his clinic provides an elevated level of results. The results he and his team of technicians achieve in hair restoration are impossible to distinguish as the result of surgery. For superior outcomes in hair restoration, we invite you to discover the premier hair restoration center in the Pittsburgh area.

Best Hair Transplant Doctors in Pittsburgh

Technical excellence in hair restoration

At Sistine Hair Restoration, your hair renewal will be performed by leaders in the field of hair transplantation in Pittsburgh. The first step is an in-depth examination of your current condition. Because hair loss can be the result of genetics, a side effect of some medications, or caused by stress or environmental factors, the cause must be accurately diagnosed.

In most cases, hair loss is dictated by genetics: either male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness. With modern hair restoration techniques (whether surgical, regenerative, medication, or a combination of these), our specialists will help you overcome hair loss and live a much more confident life.

When you visit Sistine Hair Restoration, you are entering an environment of technical excellence and the highest integrity.

Hair restoration at its best

At Sistine Hair Restoration, we offer the full scope of the most effective hair restoration treatments and technologies available in the USA, including:

Take the first step

We invite you to discover the difference at Sistine Hair Restoration. We are not a franchise that delivers a cookie-cutter approach to hair restoration. Instead, we are a center of excellence, and when you choose Sistine, you will be under the care of true professionals in the field. Your hair restoration treatment will be 100% customized, with individualized care — and our results speak for themselves. Contact us today and schedule a consultation with one of the best hair transplant surgeons Pittsburgh has to offer.

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