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Patient ID#: 2801

We value the privacy of our patients. All patients have given written consent to display their photographs. A photo release form must be signed before any photos are used on this site.

This patient underwent a state-of-the-art hair transplant procedure using a follicular unit extraction (FUE) approach.  Our practice utilizes the latest technology to achieve tremendously natural-appearing results. Even more importantly, we have amongst the finest hair transplant technicians in the northeastern US on our team. ⁠

This patient has had a tremendous boost to his self-confidence and is thrilled with the result, just like we are.⁠

To achieve this result, we did a fairly conservative 1800 FUE grafts, leaving a good number of grafts to do follow-up procedures in the years ahead if the patient desires. This approach is in the patient’s best interest and is the ethical way to plan a hair transplant strategy for the full life span of a patient – especially in a patient like this who is fairly young.⁠

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