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This woman from Pittsburgh disliked the position of her frontal hairline, she felt it was too high. Dr. Leong has several approaches to lower a patient’s hairline. It’s very important that each patient’s treatment plan is customized to her personal goals. One option is to perform a traditional hair transplant procedure, using either a strip approach or a FUE (follicular unit extraction) approach. However, in this patient’s case Dr. Leong performed a procedure in which the patient’s natural hairline was moved down on her forehead and a strip of her forehead skin was removed. This is a very advanced approach that is performed in a limited number of practices around the country. The key advantage is that the patient can achieve very high hair density at her frontal hairline, essentially the same hair density as her natural hairline – just positioned lower.


The view from the front demonstrates the significantly lowered frontal hairline that frames her face in a much more natural way.


This profile view provides the most dramatic before and after comparison of the patient’s hairline. Dr. Leong’s hairline lowering procedure has clearly lowered the height of her hairline into a much more aesthetic and natural appearance.


This view shows how the patient’s lowered hairline blends in a completely natural way with the hair of her temple and down towards her ear. As Dr. Leong is fond of saying, if it doesn’t look natural – it doesn’t look good!

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