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A youthful hairline and a full head of hair are hallmarks of male vitality. Unfortunately, approximately two out of three men will suffer from some degree of male pattern baldness, often starting as early as the mid-thirties. For some men, the first signs of hair loss begin in the 20s. This can leave a youthful man looking older, less attractive, and less masculine. At Sistine Hair Restoration, we are here to help you reverse hair loss in Pittsburgh with our array of the world’s most advanced hair restoration treatments.

PRP hair restoration

As you age, your hair follicles become less active, and eventually become dormant. Some become entirely inactive, while others lose strength and grow thinner, more delicate strands of hair that break easily. In either case, this is the genetic effect of male pattern baldness. PRP (platelet-rich plasma) hair restoration is a therapy that capitalizes on the healing capacity of the blood to regenerate hair follicles that are no longer producing thick strands of hair.

Platelet rich plasma is accessed by processing a sample of your blood through a centrifuge and extracting the healing power of growth factors within the plasma. For hair restoration, the PRP is carefully injected throughout your scalp, thereby increasing blood flow and triggering regeneration on a cellular level. This therapy is an ideal treatment for men in the early stages of hair loss, or to complement and enhance the results of a hair transplant procedure.

Advanced hair transplant technology in Pittsburgh

When you suffer from a receding hairline or the advanced stages of male pattern baldness, it can be a depressing physical condition. It could be that you’ve tried Rogaine® or other products, but your hair loss has continued to worsen.

Thankfully, modern hair transplant technology has evolved since the days of those obvious hair plugs — and when under the care of the team at Sistine Hair Restoration, hair restoration can resolve hair loss in Pittsburgh and produce a look that appears entirely natural.

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The Sistine approach

At Sistine Hair Restoration, we offer the two primary methods of hair transplant surgery:

Follicular unit extraction (FUE)

FUE hair transplants are performed by carefully extracting individual hair follicles from a donor area and inserting them into the target areas on your scalp. This is the latest innovation in hair transplant technology, and leaves no linear scar behind. This makes the procedure ideal for anyone who enjoys wearing short hair.

Strip harvesting

The traditional method of hair transplant is called “strip harvesting”, in which a small section of the scalp on the back of your head is removed so the hair follicles can be used for implantation to the thinning or balding areas on your scalp. While this method does leave a linear scar, it is easily hidden beneath medium-length hair, and it is typically the most affordable male hair restoration technique. This method is often appropriate for men who have more extensive balding and require a significant number of grafts.

Facial hair transplants

A thick, full beard is a masculine trait, and wearing a beard is very popular for men. Unfortunately, many men are not genetically programmed to be able to grow a full beard and are only able to achieve a patchy, uneven, or sparse look. This can be a problem, as a full beard is often more than just a fashion choice. For some cultures or religions, a beard is an essential male feature. Whether for aesthetic, cultural, or religious reasons, Sistine Hair Restoration can help with our facial hair transplants.

The procedure works by harvesting hair follicles from the scalp to transplant and fill patchy or uneven areas. The placement of each transplanted hair is of utmost importance, and our team offers an exceptional level of artistry in this delicate procedure, with each hair placed to lie correctly, so it appears entirely natural.

Why choose Sistine Hair Restoration?

Hair restoration is both an art and science, and it requires complete expertise with a detailed, aesthetic eye to achieve the best results. At Sistine Hair Restoration, you will be under the direct care of Dr. Paul Leong MD, FACS. Dr. Leong is an acclaimed plastic surgeon who graduated from Yale and continued with over seven years of training, residencies, and fellowships focused on the head and neck. This experience has resulted in decades of successful surgeries and satisfied patients.

Sistine Hair Restoration

Achieving Natural Results with Expertise

Our hair transplant team has earned a reputation as being the best in the Northeast. The results we achieve in male hair restoration are entirely natural in appearance, and are never detected as being the result of surgery.

If you’re considering hair restoration in the Pittsburgh area, contact us to schedule a consultation. As the premier male hair restoration clinic in the region, you can trust that your treatment will be performed with the most advanced techniques and world-class skills.

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