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The transition from male to female is a challenging and deeply personal experience. The physiological and hormonal adjustments that come with gender reassignment require bravery, determination, and a focus on the end result: a body and appearance that reflects your true identity.

One of the final steps for many individuals undergoing a male to female transition is achieving a feminine hairline. At Sistine Hair Restoration, we utilize the latest scientific advancements in hair transplant technology to help achieve a thicker, fuller head of hair for our MTF patients, with artistic adjustments to create a lovely and feminine hairline.

How hair restoration works

While there are many oral and topical solutions to improve hair volume and stop hair loss, there is nothing more effective than a hair transplant to create dramatic, lasting results. Under the guidance of Dr. Leong, our talented team of hair restoration technicians remove healthy follicles from the back of the scalp to artfully transplant to create a soft, feminine hairline.

Say goodbye to wigs

While some individuals have an abundance of hair that can be cut and styled in a feminine way, many who undergo the transition from male to female are forced to wear a wig due to hair loss.

This can be expensive, uncomfortable, and unnatural, but you have an alternative: a custom hair transplant that will allow you to use your own hair and have any hairstyle you want.

MTF Hairline Transplant Testimonial

MTF Hairline Transplant Journey | Post-Op - Dr. Leong

Our methods

At Sistine Hair Restoration, we offer two cutting-edge hair transplant technologies:

Follicular unit extraction (FUE)

FUE is the most modern method. It involves extracting follicles individually from the back of your scalp. There is no visible scar, and it is highly effective for those who enjoy wearing shorter hairstyles.

Strip method

Strip hair transplants involve surgically removing a narrow strip from the back of your scalp. The donor follicles are harvested under a microscope and then strategically relocated to the balding or thinning area, or the hairline. The strip method is faster and less expensive. This procedure does leave behind a linear scar which can be hidden by longer hairstyles.

Your results

You will see your new hairline immediately after the procedure, but you should be aware that the newly-transplanted follicles will shed within the first couple of weeks. This shedding is a natural part of the process, and it means the follicles are entering a new growth phase. Within three months, you can expect to see new growth. Within ten months to a year, you will reap the full benefits of your procedure, with your hair restored and appearing 100% natural.

Why choose Sistine Hair Restoration?

The transition from male to female is innately challenging, and demands the full support and understanding of your entire medical team as well as your hair restoration specialists. At Sistine Hair Restoration, we are honored to be part of your transition, and we take great pride in helping our MTF patients achieve their true appearance. Dr. Paul Leong, MD FACS, personally cares for each patient, making sure he fully understands your aesthetic goals. He will design a custom treatment plan to achieve the appearance you want. He has assembled a team of the finest hair restoration technicians in the Northeast, and working together, they are known for achieving results of an extraordinary level of quality and entirely natural in appearance.

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